Job Openings

Join the Cabana Crew!


Dog Attendant

We are seeking dog attendants to join the Cabana Crew and care for our boarding and daycare dogs. We are seeking people who:

  • Have a passion for animal welfare. (Previous experience caring for animals preferred but not required).

  • Have strong organizational, problem-solving and observational skills.

  • Have excellent interpersonal skills and take initiative.

  • Have ability to at least 50 pounds unaided.

  • Are efficient and effective workers who will maintain a fully cleaned, sanitized facility.

  • Are available to work during evenings, and on weekends and holidays, if required.

Kennel Attendant Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

  • Transporting animals to and from the kennels.

  • Ensuring that the animals have water at all times.

  • Cleaning animal waste, spilled food, hair, and other debris from the kennels.

  • Disposing of trash in a timely manner.

  • Keeping dogs clean, playing with and administering treatment to dogs under the auspices of their owner and veterinarian.

  • Supervising dogs in fenced in yards and accompanying dogs on walks, if required.

  • Calming animals who are in distress.

  • Adjusting the air temperature to ensure that the animals remain comfortable.